You can view overall heath status of the Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance on the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in. Appliance Worker, vSphere Worker, Gateway, and Access Control Service are the appliance services. You can also view the connectivity status of each appliance service on the Carbon Black Cloud Workload Plug-in. You can also view service-wise health status on the Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance dashboard.

The appliance can have one of the following health statuses:

  • Connected: The appliance is connected.
  • Disconnected: The appliance is disconnected. If the status is disconnected, make sure that the appliance VM is powered-on. Go to the appliance Registration tab and verify the configurations. For details, refer to Step 1E: Establish Connection Between Appliance and Carbon Black Cloud.
    Note: During the vCenter Server reboot, the Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance can show vCenter Server as unregistered. You must wait until the vCenter Server is properly up and running before verifying connection with the appliance.
  • Unhealthy: The appliance is connected, but one of the services is down. The individual appliance services can have Connected or Disconnected status. When the appliance status is Unhealthy, look for individual service statuses. For the disconnected appliance service, you can restart the service as follows.
    1. SSH to the Carbon Black Cloud Workload appliance using the admin credentials.
    2. Switch to the root user using the sudo su command.
    3. Use the appropriate command for the service that you want to restart.
      systemctl restart cwp-appliance-worker
      systemctl restart cwp-access-control-service
      systemctl restart cwp-vsphere-worker
      systemctl restart cwp-appliance-gateway.service
    4. Verify the appliance service status again.
    5. If any of your appliance services is still down, you can contact the VMware Carbon Black support team at or VMware support team at

      Log files help the support team to troubleshoot any issues for which you have opened the support ticket. For details, refer to Appliance Logs .