You can upgrade your Sensor Gateway when an updated version of it is available.


  • Ensure you have the following information available from your initial Sensor Gateway installation.
    • The Sensor Gateway Entry point. Use the same name as before. If not, the existing sensors can stop working.
    • API ID
    • API Key
  • The following Carbon Black sensor versions are supported with the Sensor Gateway.
    • Carbon Black sensor for Windows
    • Carbon Black sensor for Linux


  1. Download and unzip the file on your Linux server.
  2. Identify the current Sensor Gateway and stop it.
    1. Log in to the Linux server with root credentials.
    2. To get the running instance of the Sensor Gateway, excecute the command:
      docker ps
      The first column displays the Container ID.
    3. To stop the running Sensor Gateway, execute the command:
      docker stop <the Container ID>
    4. To get a list of all containers and thus, see the Sensor Gateway instance as exited under the Status column, run the command:
      docker ps -a
    5. Remove the Sensor Gateway instance.
      docker rm <the Container ID>
    6. Get a list of all containers and confirm that there is no Sensor Gateway, which is in Running or Stopped status.
      docker ps -a
      If you do not see any result from executing the command, it indicates that the previous commands might not have been successful. Please, do not proceed with the next step and reach out to Carbon Black Support.
  3. cd to the directory where you unzipped the latest version of the Sensor Gateway file.
  4. Install the Sensor Gateway.
    Prompts you for the same data as asked during the initial Sensor Gateway install. For more information, see Install Sensor Gateway on a Single Server.


Your Sensor Gateway upgrades successfully.