After your Sensor Gateway is up and running, you must perform a fresh sensor install. You install a Carbon Black sensor on your Windows VM workload and configure it to communicate with the Carbon Black Cloud through the Sensor Gateway.


  • Ensure you have access to the latest Carbon Black sensor for Windows version (
  • For information on using the Carbon Black Cloud console to install sensors on VM workloads, see Installing Windows Sensors on Endpoints in the Carbon Black Cloud Sensor Installation Guide.
  • The company code must be available. See Generate a Company Code.
  • If you install the Carbon Black sensor in a Sensor Gateway environment configured with a proxy, you might see the local scanner setting UpdateServers set to None after the sensor installation completes. By default, the sensor uses a random timeout (up to 2 hours) to download the signature packs in case a large number of sensors are being deployed. To avoid the random delay in the signatures download, set the DELAY_SIG_DOWNLOAD command line parameter to 0 during the sensor installation. For information on Windows sensor supported commands, see Windows Sensor Supported Commands in the Carbon Black Cloud Sensor Installation Guide.


  1. Omit this step if the Sensor Gateway uses a CA-signed certificate. Add a self-signed certificate in the Trusted Root Certificates folder on the Windows VM workload.
    The sensor uses this certificate to communicate with the Sensor Gateway
  2. Download the sensor installer.
  3. Install the sensor by using the Carbon Black Cloud console or by existing scripts.
  4. Use the company code you generated to complete the sensor installation.
    After your sensor is successfully installed, you can view the running Sensor Gateway in the Carbon Black Cloud console.