As part of user data security enhancements in macOS 10.14.5 and above, you must approve access to protected user and application data.

This requirement is in addition to kernel extension approval, and does not replace that process.

Applications can be granted access to app data (such as photos, contacts, and calendars), protected services and devices (such as the microphone or camera), or user data (such as mail, cookies, and Safari history) via the Security & Privacy System Preferences pane. Access is granted by enabling individual access, or by allowing full disk access. For the macOS sensor to operate at full functionality on an endpoint that is running macOS 10.14.5+, the sensor must have full disk access.

To be completely effective, the macOS sensor must be granted access to protected user and application data. This can be done manually on each endpoint, or for quicker and more consistent endpoint management, these settings can be managed through the creation and deployment of a mobile device management (MDM) profile.