Use the following procedure to install the Carbon Black Linux sensor on a Horizon golden image and create instant clones.


See the following topics:


  1. Create the golden image for the clone pool deployment. Perform required Linux updates, dependency installation for Horizon, and Horizon agent installation.
  2. Install the Linux sensor on the golden image by following the steps in Installing Linux Sensors on Endpoints.
  3. Confirm that configuration properties are set to enable the automatic identification and registration of a Horizon instant clone:
    1. The features are enabled by default. If EnableAutoReregisterForVDIClones does not exist in /var/opt/carbonblack/psc/cfg.ini, then you do not need to do anything and can proceed directly to Step 4. If the following property exists in the configuration file, confirm that it is set to one of the following values to enable automatic registration:
      • EnableAutoReregisterForVDIClones=3. Enables BIOS UUID and MAC Address hash change-based automatic registration. Recommended and default setting.
      • EnableAutoReregisterForVDIClones=2. Enables BIOS UUID change-based automatic registration.
    2. If the EnableAutoReregisterForVDIClones property is not set to the correct value, perform the following steps:
      1. Run service cbagentd stop or systemctl stop cbagentd.
      2. Edit the /var/opt/carbonblack/psc/cfg.ini file to set the correct value.
      3. Run service cbagentd start or systemctl start cbagentd.
      Note: To disable automatic registration, set the value of EnableAutoReregisterForVDIClones to 1.
  4. Allow the background scan to complete on the golden image to optimize clone performance. Run the following command to determine whether the background scan has completed:
    cat /var/opt/carbonblack/psc/blades/E51C4A7E-2D41-4F57-99BC-6AA907CA3B40/th.ini | grep LocalScanRunning 

    If LocalScanRunning is true, the background scan is ongoing.

  5. Power off the golden image.
  6. Take a snapshot of the golden image.
    Important: Do not run the  /opt/carbonblack/psc/bin/cbagentd -R command on the golden image. This command turns the golden image into a clone, which might deregister pre-existing clones.
  7. In the Horizon console, create an instant clone pool using the golden image and the snapshot created in Step 6.
  8. After the pool becomes available in the Horizon console, verify that the newly created instant clones are registered with a new Device ID in the Carbon Black Cloud console.