This section describes how to install Linux sensors from the command line.

Important: Before you begin the processes described here, read Getting Started with Sensor Installation. It contains highly relevant information to help you succeed in your sensor installation.

Before you can install sensors, you must perform the following steps:

Step 1: Obtain a Company Registration Code

Step 2: Download Sensor Kits

The sensor kit is a .tgz with the format cb-psc-sensor-<DISTRO>-<BUILD-NUMBER>.tgz.

With the release of the Carbon Black Cloud v2.5.0 Linux sensor, Audit and Remediation and Enterprise EDR are supported on the Linux platform. The Carbon Black Cloud Linux sensor is highly modularized. It can support independent runtime enablement of Enterprise EDR and Audit and Remediation. You can manually customize the installer package to install only desired features. To install Audit and Remediation only, see Customizing the Carbon Black Cloud Linux feature selection.

To configure a proxy for a Linux installation, see Configure a Proxy for Linux.

Note: If the company registration code contains special characters (!, #, *, $, etc.) and is not quoted, the installation will immediately terminate. Double quotation marks are not an acceptable substitute to single quotes.