You can define which sensors display on the Endpoints tab on the Endpoints page.

The following sensor filters are available:


You can filter sensors by status. For more information about status conditions, see Sensor Status and Details. Status filters are:

  • Active
  • Bypass
  • Deregistered
  • Errors
  • Inactive
  • Pending install
  • Pending update
  • Quarantine
  • Sensor out of date

Sensor Version

You can select which sensor versions to display, or display all versions.


You can filter sensors based on the device operating system, such as macOS or Windows.

Signature Status

For Windows sensors, the status of the local scan signature version displays in the Sig column on the Endpoints page. Possible filters are:

  • Not Available: The sensor signature version is not yet reported.
  • Not Applicable: Unidentifiable sensor signature version. This presents for macOS and Linux sensors.
  • Out of date: The sensor signature files show as out-of-date seven days after being disabled until the updates are reenabled.
  • Up to date: The sensor signature files are up-to-date if the installed signature version is released within seven days of the current date.


You can select the sensors that display based on their assigned policy.

Golden Image Status

You can filter the displayed sensors (endpoints) based on their type: as not a golden image, or as a golden image with clones.

Sensor Group

You can display sensors based on their assigned sensor group.