You can install a Carbon Black Cloud sensor on Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, and on endpoints in VDI environments. The sensor provides data from the endpoints to CB analytics.

The following instructions describe how to install sensors on endpoints. To install and manage sensors on workloads, see Managing Sensors for Workloads.

If you are using a Sensor Gateway, see Installing Carbon Black Cloud Sensors for Sensor Gateway.

Method 1: Invite Users to Install Sensors on Endpoints

  • Invited users receive an email that contains an installation code; each invited user installs the sensor directly on an endpoint. This method is not available for Linux sensors.
  • This method is useful for installing sensors to a small number of endpoints.

Method 2: Install the Sensor on the Endpoint by using the Command Line or Software Distribution Tools

  • The command line method allows for small-scale deployments and testing.
  • A scripted or automated method installs the sensor by using software distribution tools. This method is useful when installing sensors across a large number of endpoints.