Use this procedure to enable SAML/SSO using any of three supported providers.

Important: The following SAML providers have been tested and are supported for use within the Web Console using the Sign in via SSO button when SAML has been configured on the Administrators page:
  • Ping Identity
  • OneLogin
  • Okta.

Best-effort support will be provided to users attempting the use of non-supported providers; however, solutions or workarounds are not guaranteed.

We recommend opening up two instances of the Carbon Black Cloud in separate browsers in case something is misconfigured and you are unable to log in using SAML. If this happens, return to the second instance and disable SAML. Then, verify the settings or contact Carbon Black technical support.

SAML-authenticated applications require the browser to be closed to complete the sign out process. To sign out, close your browser session after clicking Sign Out.