You can use RepCLI to locally manage certain Windows sensor functions.

RepCLI is included in Windows sensors beginning with version on all supported Windows operating systems. RepCLI is located in C:\Program Files\Confer.

Active Directory-based SID authentication provides full access to all RepCLI commands for Windows sensors. Not all commands require authentication. To enable authentication, see Enable RepCLI Authentication for Windows Sensors.

To run RepCLI, open a command prompt window and change to the appropriate directory. Run RepCLI commands in this window; for example, repcli status. Commands should be on a single line.

The following RepCLI commands are available for Windows sensors:

Table 1. RepCLI Commands for Windows Sensors
Command Description Authentication Required? Example
bypass Enables (1) or disables (0) bypass mode. Yes repcli bypass 0
capture Generates logs for support. The logs are written as a single compressed file named or Only CLI_USERS have access to the file. No repcli capture C:\Windows\Temp
cloud <argument> Sensor checks in with the Carbon Black Cloud console. For a list of arguments, run repcli cloud. Yes repcli cloud hello
compliance scan Performs compliance scan and returns rules ran PASS/FAIL for each rule and aggregated result number of rules run, score, percentage, and so forth. Yes repcli compliance scan
deviceid Returns the Device ID value in the cfg.ini file. No repcli deviceid
lastlivequerytime Displays the last time that a LiveQuery session was run. No repcli lastlivequerytime
status Displays sensor state values such as version, cloud status, queue status, diagnostic status, enforcement status, and recent sensor alarms. No repcli status
updateavsignature Initiates update of local scanner signatures. You can confirm the update by running the RepCLI status command. No repcli updateavsignature
updateavsignature wait Performs a synchronous update of local scanner signatures and returns success/failure as output. No repcli updateavsignature wait
updateconfig Directs RepMgr to read updated values from the cfg.ini file. No repcli updateconfig