To manually deploy the Carbon Black Container Operator, perform the following procedure.

These instructions use an Operator image. To deploy the Operator without using an image, see Container Operator Developer Instructions.


Your cluster must be running Kubernetes 1.18+.


  • You can initiate the Operator deployment in two ways:
    • Script:
      export OPERATOR_VERSION=v6.0.2
      curl -s $OPERATOR_SCRIPT_URL | bash

      {OPERATOR_VERSION} is of the format "v{VERSION}".

    • Source code:
      1. Clone the GIT project and deploy the operator from the source code.

        By default, the Operator uses CustomResourceDefinitions v1, which requires Kubernetes 1.16+. You can also deploy an Operator by using CustomResourceDefinitions v1beta1 (deprecated in Kubernetes 1.16, removed in Kubernetes 1.22).

      2. Create the Operator image:
        make docker-build docker-push IMG={IMAGE_NAME}
      3. Deploy the Operator resources:
        make deploy IMG={IMAGE_NAME}

What to do next

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