The Carbon Black Container Operator runs within a Kubernetes cluster. The Container Operator is a set of controllers that deploy and manage the Carbon Black Container components.

The Operator handles the following actions:

  • Deploys and manages the Carbon Black Container product, including the configuration and the image scanning for Kubernetes security.
  • Automatically fetches and deploys the Carbon Black Container private image registry secret.
  • Automatically registers the Carbon Black Container cluster.
  • Manages the Carbon Black Container validating webhook and dynamically manages the admission control webhook to avoid possible downtime.
  • Monitors and reports agent availability to the Carbon Black Cloud console.

The Carbon Black Container Operator uses the operator-framework to create a GO operator that is responsible for managing and monitoring the Carbon Black Container components deployment.

To review the Operator compatibility matrix, see Kubernetes Sensor Operator Distributions and Kubernetes Version.

Note: We recommend that you deploy the Operator by using the Add Cluster wizard (see Add a Cluster and Install the Kubernetes Sensor). However, this technical reference section of the User Guide also includes manual Operator and Agent installation instructions.