To automatically assign assets to asset groups, perform the following procedure.

Note: The following limitationss apply when you are creating dynamic criteria sets:
  • You can have up to five criteria sets.
  • The maximum number of conditions per criteria set is ten.
  • The maximum nesting level is one.



  1. On the left navigation pane, click Inventory > Asset Groups.
  2. Click Add Group or select an already defined group. If this is a new group, provide a name and optional description.
  3. Define criteria to automatically add assets to the group. Assets are added to the group when their metadata matches the selected criteria.
    Tip: For a discussion of how the queries are defined, see Asset Group Search Behavior.
    • Select Build to quickly define a criteria set.
      Note: If you build a criteria set by using this option and then switch to Query, the criteria set is translated into query format.
      1. From the Assets dropdown menu, define whether to match All of the criteria sets or Any of the criteria sets.
      2. Define your first criteria set to include All of the criteria or Any of the criteria.

        If you select All of the criteria, multiple entries use an AND operator to add all the entries into the set.

        If you select Any of the criteria, multiple entries use an OR operator.

      3. Select an option from the first dropdown menu on the left. You can choose from the following fields:
        Category Field
        Active Directory
        • Distinguished name
        • Domain
        • Organizational unit
        • Asset name
        • Bypass
        • Installed by
        • OS
        • OS version
        • Quarantine
        • Sensor version
        • User
        Cloud Provider
        • Account ID
        • Infrastructure provider
        • Network
        • Scale group
        • Internal IP
        • External IP
        VM Workload
        • Cluster
        • Datacenter
        • ESX hostname
        • vCenter hostname
        • vCenter UUID
        • VM name
      4. Continue to build Criteria Set 1. Additional entries are added to the set as either an AND or OR condition.
      5. Optionally add Criteria Set 2 in the same way that you built the first criteria set. The criteria sets are added to the query.

        Example of criteria sets built by using the Build option

      6. Optional: You can view and edit your query in query format by clicking the Query option:

        Query format

    • Select Query to write a Lucene query to define the group criteria.
      Note: Depending on the query complexity, you might not be able to switch from Query to Build and retain your query criteria.

      Operators between criteria sets must be the same, and operators within a criteria set must be the same. If that pattern is disrupted (for example, a query set contains both AND and OR operators), that query becomes too complex to be shown in Build mode.

  4. If you are creating a new asset group, assign a policy unless this group is for reporting purposes only.
  5. Click Save.