You can install a Linux sensor on an endpoint by using this method.


  1. Extract the contents of the installer package into a temporary directory.
  2. Install the RPM/DEB package.

    $ sudo rpm -i cb-psc-install/cb-psc-sensor-<BUILD-NUMBER>.x86_64.rpm


    $ sudo dpkg -i cb-psc-install/cb-psc-sensor-<BUILD-NUMBER>.x86_64.deb

  3. Install the blades.
    $ sudo cb-psc-install/blades/
  4. Update the cfg.ini file with the v3.x+ company registration code.
    $ sudo /opt/carbonblack/psc/bin/cbagentd -d '<COMPANY_CODE>'
  5. Start the agent.
    For CentOS/RHEL 6:

    $ service cbagentd start

    For all other distributions:

    $ systemctl start cbagentd