This section describes how to install, upgrade, uninstall, and troubleshoot Carbon Black EDR sensors.

Carbon Black EDR provides lightweight sensors for installation on endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and servers. You install a sensor on each endpoint in your enterprise. After installation, sensors gather event data on the endpoints and securely deliver it to the Carbon Black EDR server for storage and indexing.

You can use the default certificate to secure communications or provide your own certificates. For more information about certificates, see "Managing Certificates" in the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide.

To manage sensors after installation, see "Managing Sensors" and "Sensor Groups" in the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide.

This publication includes troubleshooting steps for sensor installations. For additional information about sensor health, see "Sensor Health Score Messages" in the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide.

Carbon Black EDR supports sensors for Windows, macOS, and Linux environments. For supported operating system versions, see CB EDR Sensors & CB App Control Agents at

To access the Download Sensor Installer controls for a sensor group, you must be one of the following:

  • A user that is a member of a team that has either the Viewer or Analyst role for the sensor group.
  • For Carbon Black EDR installations, a Global Administrator.
  • For Carbon Black Hosted EDR installations, an Administrator.