Periodically, Carbon Black releases new sensor versions either standalone or with a version of Carbon Black EDR server. When you install or upgrade the server, you can choose to load the latest sensor installers, or install or upgrade the server version only.

The sensor installers are downloaded to the sensor installation directory, either the default of /usr/share/cb/coreservices/installers, or a custom location specified by SensorInstallerDir|Osx|Linux in the cb.conf file. (See the VMware Carbon Black EDR Server Configuration Guide for details.)

Apart from a server installation or upgrade, you can download any new sensor installers manually from the Carbon Black yum repo.

After the installation packages are in the sensor installation directory, they can be made available in the following places in the console:

  • The Download Sensor Installer drop-down list on the Sensors page when a group is selected.
  • The sensor versions available for upgrades (either automatically or manually) according to the upgrade policy for a sensor group. See “Upgrade Policy Settings” in the VMware Carbon Black EDR User Guide.

The installer packages are made available in the following ways:

  • At startup through coreservices.
  • By running the following command:
    /usr/share/cb/cbcheck sensor-builds --update