There are several places in the console where Carbon Black Hosted EDR user information can be viewed or changed.

  • Users page – The Users page shows each account holder, their last login, whether they have two-factor authentication enabled, and their top-level account status (User or Administrator). To access this page, click Users on the navigation bar.

    • Click the tile for any user to show the User Permissions for < servername > page, which allows an administrator to change the user from an Administrator to User, or vice versa.

    • An Administrator can also remove a user account from this page.

  • Account page – On the Account page, individual users can manage their own account details, including:

    • Resetting their passwords

    • Enabling or disabling two-factor authorization

    • Changing the email address associated with the account

    • Editing their first and last names

    To access the Account page, click View profile on on the My Profile page or click Accounton the <Username> menu.

  • Team Management Users page – The Users view on the Team Management page shows a table of all users on the current server and their teams. The View Details button next to a user name opens an Edit < user > page, where you can add or delete a user from teams. See Managing User Access with Teams for more details.

  • My Profile page – For the currently logged-in user, the My profile page shows the user’s teams, provides access to the API Token page where the API Token can be changed, and includes a View profile on button that opens a new browser window showing the Account page for this user.

    You can access the My profile page through the <Username> menu in the top right of the console.