The following changes were made to this document:

Date Associated Software Version Topic Change Description
12 April 2024 N/A All Updated product names
02 October 2023 N/A Copyrights and Notices Removed broken link
16 July 2023 7.8.0
  • Added note about inheritance
  • Removed macOS limitation
  • Added content regarding the importance of accurate time keeping through NTP
  • Explanation of why duplicate SANs are not allowed; FIPS certificate validations
  • Clarification of severity scoring
  • Corrected Sensor Uptime and Host Uptime descriptions
  • Added a topic about searching for events on the Process Search page
  • Added a section about searching for process event results on the Process Analysis page
  • Added Antimalware Scan Interface section. Removed PowerShell script block logging must be enabled requirement. Added Fileless script load events to events that can be forwarded.
23 September 2022 7.7.1 Copyrights and Notices Fixed Product Version
18 September 2022 7.7.1
  • Updated Syslog Destination format
  • Corrected Step 1 navigation for viewing user activity
  • Clarified note about disabling Carbon Black App Control Tamper Protection
  • Added topic
18 July 2022 N/A Fixed broken links
14 July 2022 7.7.0 All Started the document history