You can uninstall App Launchpad when you no longer need it or you must reconfigure your system.

To uninstall App Launchpad, run the following command:

For CentOS Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Photon OS:
rpm -e vmware-alp
For Ubuntu and Debian:
sudo rm -rf /var/lib/dpkg/info/vmware-alp.postrm
sudo apt-get remove vmware-alp
sudo unlink /usr/bin/alp

If you install a new App Launchpad RPM or DEB afterwards, you do not need to reconfigure your system. The following files and directories remain on the server machine after the uninstall process:

  • /etc/ALPEnvironments
  • /etc/ALPSystem
  • /opt/vmware/alp/

To remove App Launchpad completely or if you want to perform a complete re-configuration of App Launchpad, you must remove these files and directories manually.

If you have configured a highly available environment, verify that all App Launchpad server nodes apply the same configurations after re-installation. See Configure Highly Available Environment of App Launchpad Instances.