When replicating vApps and virtual machines to and from cloud sites backed by VMware Cloud Director, group the virtual machines in a vApp, organizations control replication policies, SLA profiles, RPO, automate recovery by using plans, and advanced destination site settings like replication seed, configuring the network settings of the workload, and migrating templates.

Note: Organization names must not contain the comma character. To avoid errors, rename any organizations that have comma in their name, before applying policies, SLA profiles, and other operations with the organizations.
  • This current chapter lists the specific replication procedures that you can only perform when replicating workloads with cloud sites backed by VMware Cloud Director.
  • For vSphere DR and migration, when replicating virtual machines between vCenter Server sites, only see the replication procedures under the Replicating workloads chapter which are common for replicating with any site.