For on-premises to cloud replications, you can create a collection of virtual machines in a single vApp, managed and replicated as a single unit. You can specify the virtual machines boot order, boot delays, and protect or migrate them as a single vApp replication in the destination cloud site.

Group multiple virtual machines in a vApp replication, with the following virtual machines relations:

  • The boot order works from the top to the bottom.
  • By default, there is no set boot delay. The start wait is the time passed after the boot of the previous virtual machine.
Once created, the vApp replication supports the following actions.
  • Modifying the vApp replication settings, the vApp settings like delay and boot order, and the remaining settings of the replication.
  • Removing virtual machines from the vApp replication.
  • VMware Cloud Director Availability 4.3 and later supports adding of other virtual machines to an existing vApp replication.

Partial Failover

VMware Cloud Director Availability supports performing replication operations for the entire vApp or for one or more virtual machines from the vApp.

Failing over only some of the virtual machines from a vApp replication, in the destination site results in two vApp replications with the same name. The first vApp replication contains the failed over virtual machines and the other vApp replication contains the remaining virtual machines that are not failed over.