In VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension, you can force delete clusters and their associated resources that are not fully complete and that are in an unremovable state. The force deletion feature is available in VMware Cloud Director Container Service Extension 3.1.2 and newer versions.


To force delete clusters, it is necessary to have the following rights:
cse:nativeCluster: Full Access (Administrator Full Control if not owner)
vApp: Delete
Organization vDC Gateway: Configure NAT
Organization vDC Gateway: View
It is also necessary to have FullControl access level on the RDE type cse:nativeCluster:2.0.0:
    "grantType": "MembershipAccessControlGrant",
    "accessLevelId": "urn:vcloud:accessLevel:FullControl",
    "memberId": "urn:vcloud:user:uuid"
Note: If you do not have the preceding rights or access level, contact your organization administrator or the service provider.


  • To force delete clusters, enter the following command in vcd cse:
    vcd cse cluster delete -f/--force


Any incomplete or previously unremovable clusters are deleted.