This section details how to view the configuration information of a Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster in the Kubernetes Container Clusters UI plug-in 4.1.

You can view the following sections in the cluster information page:
Table 1. Cluster Information Page Sections
Tabs Description
Overview This tab details the overall configuration of the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster:
  • Info: Basic cluster information such as cluster name, status, and Kubernetes version.
  • Kubernetes Resources: CAPVCD version, Cluster Resource Set Bindings, CPI, CSI
  • vApp Details: Virtual Data Center, Network, Owner, Cluster ID
Node Pools This tab details the node pools that exist in the cluster. For more information on node pools, see Working with Worker Node Pools.
Kubernetes Storage This tab details Kubernetes default storage class configuration and persistent volumes. For more information, see Configure a Default Storage Class and Working with Stateful Deployments.
Events This tab details each event that occurs in the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster after creation. Click each event to view event details, such as the event name, event type, event time, and resource name.


  1. To view Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster information, in VMware Cloud Director UI, from the top navigation bar, select More > Kubernetes Container Clusters.
  2. In the Kubernetes Clusters tab, in the datagrid, click on the name of the cluster you want to view.


The Tanzu Kubernetes Grid cluster information page appears, and you can navigate through each tab to view specific cluster information.