Before migrating your on-premises VMware Cloud Director environment to VMware Cloud Director service, you must make sure that your VMware Cloud organization supports the migration.


Verify that you have signed up for VMware Cloud Director service.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud Director service.
  2. Note the long organization ID for your VMware Cloud organization.
    1. Click your user name.
    2. To display the full organization ID, click View Organization .
  3. Click your user name and, under User Settings, click My Account.
  4. To open the Support panel, click the Question icon in the top navigation bar.
  5. Click Create Support Request.
    You are redirected to Customer Connect Portal where you can create a technical support request. For details, see Filing a Technical Support Request from Cloud Services Portal (CSP) in KB 2006985.

    Specify that you need your organization to be enabled for migration to VMware Cloud Director service and provide the necessary information, including your organization ID and the version of VMware Cloud Director that you are using on-premises.