Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2, if you configure the VMware Cloud Director SNMP agent for polling, it can listen for and respond to requests from SNMP management client systems, such as GET, GETNEXT, and GETBULK requests.

By default, the embedded SNMP agent listens on UDP port 161 for polling requests from management systems. You can use the vicfg-snmp --port command to configure an alternative port. To avoid conflicts between the port for the SNMP agent and the ports of other services, reference


You must remove any existing firewall rules that work with Net-SNMP because VMware-SNMP enables and disables the polling port when starting and stopping the snmpd service.


  1. Log in to the appliance shell as a user with administrative privileges.
  2. Disable SNMP by running the following command.
    vicfg-snmp --disable
  3. To change the port that the SNMP agent uses for listening for polling requests, run the following command.
    vicfg-snmp --port port_number