Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2, you can configure the VMware Cloud Director appliance SNMP agent to listen for polling requests.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is an application layer protocol for management and monitoring of network elements. Starting with version 10.2.2, the VMware Cloud Director appliance includes an SNMP agent that can receive and respond to GET, GETBULK, and GETNEXT requests. The VMware Cloud Director appliance SNMP agent is compatible with all SNMP management services that are compliant with the SNMP standards. You can configure the agent for SNMP v1, v2c, or v3. However, only SNMP v3 offers enhanced security, including cryptographic authentication and encryption.

If there is an existing Net-SNMP agent, before you begin the configuration, consider the following:

  • During the upgrade to version 10.2.2, VMware Cloud Director deletes and replaces Net-SNMP with VMware-SNMP.
  • You must remove any existing firewall rules that work with Net-SNMP because VMware-SNMP enables and disables the polling port when starting and stopping the snmpd service.

VMware-SNMP for the VMware Cloud Director appliance supports standard Linux OS management information bases (MIBs) available through the following standard industry MIBs.

  • SNMPv2-MIB
  • RFC 3418IF-MIB
  • RFC 2863IP-MIB
  • RFC 4292UDP-MIB
  • RFC 4113TCP-MIB