You can create a VMware Cloud Director server group by installing the VMware Cloud Director software of one or more Linux servers. Installation and configuration of the first group member creates a response file that you use to configure additional members of the group.

This procedure applies to new installations only. If you are upgrading an existing VMware Cloud Director installation, see Upgrading VMware Cloud Director on Linux.
Important: Mixed VMware Cloud Director installations on Linux and VMware Cloud Director appliance deployments in one server group are unsupported.

Starting with version 10.1, service providers and tenants can use the VMware Cloud Director API to test connections to remote servers, and to verify the server identity as part of an SSL handshake. To protect VMware Cloud Director network connections, configure a deny list of internal hosts that are unreachable to tenants who are using the VMware Cloud Director API for connection testing. Configure the deny list after the VMware Cloud Director installation or upgrade and before granting tenants access to VMware Cloud Director. See Configure a Test Connection Denylist.


What to do next

Use the system-setup command of the cell management tool to initialize the server group's database with a system administrator account and related information. See Configure a VMware Cloud Director Installation.