VMware Cloud Director uses SSL to secure communications between clients and servers. Each VMware Cloud Director server must support an SSL endpoint for HTTPS communication.

Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.4, both the console proxy traffic and HTTPS communications go over the default 443 port. You do not need a separate certificate for the console proxy.

Note: VMware Cloud Director 10.4.1 and later do not support the legacy implementation of the console proxy feature.

For VMware Cloud Director 10.4, if you want to use the legacy implementation with a dedicated console proxy access point, you can enable the LegacyConsoleProxy feature from the Feature Flags settings menu under the Administration tab of the Service Provider Admin Portal. To enable the LegacyConsoleProxy feature, your installation or deployment must have console proxy settings configured in a previous version and transferred through a VMware Cloud Director upgrade. After enabling or deactivating the feature you must restart the cells. If you enable the legacy console proxy implementation, the console proxy must have a separate certificate. See the VMware Cloud Director 10.3 version of this document.