You can use endpoints to access the UI of proxied or non-proxied components with your VMware Cloud Director account.


If you want to access a proxied component, configure your browser with your proxy settings, or add Chrome Browser Extension for VMware Cloud Director to Google Chrome.


  1. In the top navigation bar, click Data Centers and then click Virtual Data Center.
  2. Select the Dedicated vSphere Data Centers tab.
  3. Open the endpoint of the dedicated vCenter Server instance.
    • To open the default endpoint, click Open vSphere.
    • To open a non-default endpoint, follow these steps:
      • Click the Actions menu, and click View Endpoints.
      • Click the endpoint URL.
    If you are accessing a proxied component, a new card with your proxy credentials opens.
  4. If you are logging in a proxied component, access the component by using your credentials.
    1. Copy the user name and the password.
    2. To activate the proxy, click Open.
      A new card opens and prompts you for authentication against the proxy.
    3. In the User Name text box, paste the copied user name.
    4. In the Password text box, paste the copied password and click OK.