Starting with version 10.2, VMware Cloud Director provides load balancing services by leveraging the capabilities of VMware NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

As a system administrator, you can enable and configure access to load balancing services for virtual data centers backed by NSX.

Load balancing services are associated with NSX edge gateways, which can be scoped either to an organization VDC backed by NSX or to a data center group with NSX network provider type.

After you deploy and configure NSX Advanced Load Balancer to use with your NSX deployment, you register Controllers with VMware Cloud Director.

For information on how to configure NSX Advanced Load Balancer with NSX, see Avi Integration with NSX.

To use the virtual infrastructure provided by NSX Advanced Load Balancer, register your NSX Cloud instances with VMware Cloud Director. Controllers serve as a central control plane for load balancing services. After you register your controllers, you can manage them directly from VMware Cloud Director.

The load balancing compute infrastructure provided by NSX Advanced Load Balancer is organized into service engine groups. You can assign more than one service engine group to an NSX edge gateway in VMware Cloud Director. All service engine groups that are assigned to a single edge gateway use the same network.

A service engine group has a unique set of compute characteristics that you define upon creation.

After a system administrator assigns a service engine group to an edge gateway, an organization administrator can create and configure virtual services that run in a specific service engine group.