To update the settings of an imported service engine group in VMware Cloud Director, you must sync it with NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

You can manage and update service engine groups by using NSX Advanced Load Balancer. After you update a service engine group in NSX Advanced Load Balancer, you must sync it to update its settings in the VMware Cloud Director UI.

Syncing a service engine group updates the local record of the group's high availability mode and the maximum number of virtual services that the service engine group supports.


After you sync a service engine group, if the new maximum number of supported virtual services is lower than the number of reserved virtual services, the service engine group is marked as overallocated.

If a service engine group is overallocated, the creation of a new virtual service might fail, even if the edge gateway on which you create the virtual service has enough reserved capacity.

To avoid failure of virtual service creation, when you edit the settings of a service engine group, do not reduce the maximum number of supported virtual services below the number of initially reserved virtual services.


Import a Service Engine Group in Your VMware Cloud Director.


  1. From the top navigation bar, under Resources, click Infrastructure Resources.
  2. Select NSX-ALB and then click Service Engine Groups.
  3. Select a service engine group and click Sync.


The settings of the service engine group are updated.