In VMware Cloud Director, you can add, activate, deactivate, and remove VM storage policies from a provider virtual data center (VDC). You can also add, edit, and delete metadata for a VM storage policy on a provider virtual data center.

Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.2.2, you can limit the allowed entities on a storage policy. See Edit the Entity Types That a VMware Cloud Director Storage Policy Supports.

You can view the list of the storage containers associated with a storage policy by navigating to the Infrastructure Resources tab, in the left panel, selecting Storage Policies, and clicking the name of the storage policy you want to view.

Sharing Remote Datastores with HCI Mesh

HCI Mesh allows you to expand a vSAN cluster by mounting a remote datastore to the vSAN cluster, which is then mounted to all hosts in the cluster. This results in efficient use and consumption of data center resources, while providing simple storage management at scale. For more information about remote datastores, see the Administering VMware vSAN documentation.