Starting with VMware Cloud Director 10.3.2, you can define segment profile templates to be applied to organization VDC networks and to vApp networks upon their creation or as an update.

Segment Profile Templates

A segment profile template is a set of NSX segment profiles that are created in NSX Manager and used by VMware Cloud Director. In VMware Cloud Director, you can apply segment profile templates to organization VDC networks and vApp networks upon their creation or as an update.

Depending on your environment needs, you can set segment profile templates that are applied at different levels.

You can define global segment profile templates to be applied to all new organization VDC networks or vApp networks within a specific site.

You can set organization VDC network and vApp network segment profile templates at the organization VDC level. These VDC segment profile templates would override any global default segment profile templates.

You can also configure and apply a specific segment profile template when you create a new organization VDC network or when you update it.

When you create or update a segment profile template, the segment profiles from the source NSX Manager instance are synced to all other on-premises NSX Manager instances that are registered with VMware Cloud Director and are applied globally.

Segment Profiles

Segment profiles include layer 2 configuration details for segments and segment ports. There are several types of segment profiles: IP discovery, MAC discovery, SpoofGuard, quality of service (QoS), and segment security. When you create a segment profile template, you can include only one segment profile of each type. For more details on each type of segment profile, see Segment Profiles in NSX Administration Guide.