As you analyze VMs from snapshots, badge the snapshots to distinguish between good and bad ones.


Badging snapshots helps you and others on your team know which ones are good recovery candidates and those which are not. Badge bad snapshots to help others to avoid infected data. Badge clean snapshots to mark those VMs that are clean and ready to be recovered on a protected site.

Snapshot badges include:
Table 1.

Not badged

No information on the security status of this snapshot.


Snapshot is clean and safe


Some of the data in this snapshot might be compromised, but overall infection is uncertain.


Vulnerabilities and malware infections were found on the VM snapshot.


Data in this snapshot is encrypted by ransomware.


  • You can badge a snapshot from several different locations:
    • From the VMs list, when you are running a recovery plan. You can select VMs from the list and from the Other Actions menu, select Set base snapshot badge.
    • From the Summary tab of an individual VM in validation.
    Set Badge link from the VM summary page during ransomware recovery.
    You can also badge snapshots in these scenarios: