VMware Cloud DR is VMware's on-demand disaster and ransomware recovery service that is delivered as an easy-to-use SaaS solution and offers cloud economics to help keep your disaster and ransomware recovery costs under control.

You can use VMware Cloud DR to protect vSphere virtual machines (VMs) by replicating them to the cloud and recovering them, as needed, to a target Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) on VMware Cloud on AWS. You can also use VMware Cloud DR for ransomware recovery, leveraging the Recovery SDDC as an isolated recovery environment (IRE) to analyze and repair infected VMs, and then recover them to a production environment.

Intended Audience

This information is intended for anyone who wants to protect their vSphere site with the VMware Cloud DR service on VMware Cloud on AWS. The information is written for experienced vSphere system administrators who are familiar with virtual machine technology and data center operations.