VMware Cloud DR is now compatible with compliance hardening requirements for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

VMware Cloud DR compliance hardening uses a shared accountability model that distributes security and compliance responsibilities among AWS, VMware, and you the customer. Read the VMware Cloud DR shared responsbility document for supplemental guidance covering the responsibilities and ownership of compliance hardening functions in VMware Cloud DR.

As part of your shared responsibility, you should harden your recovery SDDC for PCI DSS Compliance. For more information, see Configure SDDC Compliance Hardening.

You can also configure IP address access lists in VMware Cloud DR to help you achieve PCI DSS compliance. Access lists allow you to control access from the DRaaS Connector to the cloud file system and the Orchestrator, and control which users can access the VMware Cloud DR UI.
Note: If you need PCI hardening for your recovery SDDC, contact VMware Support for assistance.