The skip-level upgrade tool is a CLI-based tool. You can use the skip-level upgrade tool to upgrade from VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5 (or later) to VMware Cloud Foundation or 3.10.2 or For NSX-T workload domains, you can skip-level upgrade only from VMware Cloud Foundation 3.7.1. Skip level upgrades are not supported to a target version earlier than

The process involves downloading and applying multiple upgrade bundles as part of a single task. You can download, copy, and upload install bundles for the target release. Once SDDC Manager and its services are at the correct version for VMware Cloud Foundation or VMware Cloud Foundation 3.10.2 or VMware Cloud Foundation, you can apply updates to other VMware Cloud Foundation components. Some components require only a single bundle to update to the latest software version:
  • vCenter Server and Platform Services Controllers
  • ESXi
  • NSX for vSphere
  • NSX-T Data Center
Other components may require multiple bundles:
  • vRealize Suite components