You can deploy NSX Edge clusters with 2-tier routing to provide north-south routing and network services in the management domain and VI workload domains.

An NSX Edge cluster is a logical grouping of NSX Edge nodes run on a vSphere cluster. NSX-T Data Center supports a 2-tier routing model.




Tier-0 logical router Northbound The tier-0 logical router connects to one or more physical routers or layer 3 switches and serves as a gateway to the physical infrastructure.
Southbound The tier-0 logical router connects to one or more tier-1 logical routers or directly to one or more logical switches.
Tier-1 logical router Northbound The tier-1 logical router connects to a tier-0 logical router.
Southbound The tier-1 logical router connects to one or more logical switches.
By default, workload domains do not include any NSX Edge clusters and workloads are isolated, unless VLAN-backed networks are configured in vCenter Server. Add one or more NSX Edge clusters to a workload domain to provide software-defined routing and network services.
Note: You must create an NSX Edge cluster on the default management vSphere cluster in order to deploy vRealize Suite products.
You can add multiple NSX Edge clusters to the management or VI workload domains for scalability and resiliency. VMware Cloud Foundation supports creating a maximum of 32 Edge clusters per NSX Manager cluster and 16 Edge clusters per vSphere cluster for Edge clusters deployed through SDDC Manager or the VMware Cloud Foundation API. For scaling beyond these limits, you can deploy additional NSX Edge clusters through NSX Manager and scale up-to the NSX-T Data Center supported maximums limits. For VMware Cloud Foundation configuration maximums refer to the VMware Configuration Maximums website.
Note: Unless explicitly stated in this matrix, VMware Cloud Foundation supports the configuration maximums of the underlying products. Refer to the individual product configuration maximums as appropriate.

The north-south routing and network services provided by an NSX Edge cluster created for a workload domain are shared with all other workload domains that use the same NSX Manager cluster.