The process for upgrading vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager depends on your current version of VMware Cloud Foundation.

Starting with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.4 and vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.6.2, upgrade and deployment of the vRealize Suite products is managed by vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You can upgrade vRealize Suite products as new versions become available in your vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager will only allow upgrades to compatible and supported versions of vRealize Suite products.

If you already have vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.6.2, you can upgrade vRealize Lifecycle Manager to a supported version using the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI. See the VMware Interoperability Matrix for information about which versions are supported with your version of VMware Cloud Foundation.

If you have an earlier version of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, use the process below to upgrade to vRealize Lifecycle Manager 8.6.2 and then use the vRealize Lifecycle Manager UI to upgrade to later supported versions.


  • Ensure that you have run the upgrade precheck and addressed any issues identified. See Perform Update Precheck.
  • Ensure that you have a recent successful backup of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance.
  • Download the VMware Software Update bundle for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See Downloading Bundles.
    Note: All vRealize Suite upgrades are sequential. You may have to download and apply multiple bundles, depending on the current product versions in your environment.
  • If FIPS Mode Compliance is enabled in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, you must manually turn it off on the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI. See Enable or Disable FIPS Mode Compliance in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You can re-enable FIPS Mode Compliance after the upgrade.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
  2. On the Workload Domain page, click the management domain.
  3. On the Domain Summary page, click the Updates/Patches tab.
  4. Run the upgrade precheck. See Perform Update Precheck.
  5. In the Available Updates section, select the target release.
  6. Click Update Now or Schedule Update next to the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager upgrade bundle.
  7. If you selected Schedule Update, click the date and time for the bundle to be applied.
    The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager upgrade begins.
  8. Monitor the upgrade progress. See Monitor Updates.

    If the upgrade fails, you can revert to the snapshot created by the upgrade workflow. After you resolve the issue, you can retry the upgrade.

    When vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is upgraded successfully, a message with a green background and check mark is displayed.
  9. Click Exit Status.

What to do next

  • Upgrade the vRealize Suite products from your pre-upgrade environment. See Upgrade vRealize Suite Products.
  • Log in to vRealize Lifecycle Manager UI and check for supported updates.