You must download bundles in order to upgrade, install, or patch various VMware Cloud Foundation components. Once the bundles are available in the SDDC Manager UI, you can proceed with installation, upgrade, or patching.

VMware Cloud Foundation includes the following types of bundles.
  • Install Bundles

    An install bundle includes software binaries to install VI workload domains and vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

    VMware Cloud Foundation includes the following install bundles:
    • A VI workload domain install bundle is used to deploy later versions of the software components instead of the versions in your original VMware Cloud Foundation installation. It includes software binaries for vCenter Server and NSX-T Data Center.
    • The vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager install bundle is used for deploying vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
      Note: For other products in the vRealize Suite, you can download the installation binaries directly from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. See "Configure Product Binaries" in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Installation, Upgrade, and Management Guide for the version of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager listed in the VMware Cloud Foundation BOM.
  • Update or Upgrade Bundle

    An update or upgrade bundle includes software binaries to update the appropriate VMware Cloud Foundation software components. In most cases, an upgrade bundle must be applied to the management domain before it can be applied to VI workload domains.

  • Async Patch Bundle

    An async patch bundle allows you to apply critical patches to certain VMware Cloud Foundation components (NSX-T Manager, vCenter Server, and ESXi) when an update or upgrade bundle is not available. See Async Patch Tool.