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What Is vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager simplifies the operational experience by providing a comprehensive solution to deploy, upgrade, configure, and manage the vRealize Suite products, such as vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation, vRealize Business for Cloud, and vRealize Log Insight products.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager provides rapid installation and content lifecycle management capabilities to automate the deployment of vRealize Suite content across different environments, which increases your productivity.

The vRealize Easy Installer wizard helps you to install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, vRealize Automation, and VMware Identity Manager (also known as VMware Workspace ONE Access) in a shorter time frame. For more information about Easy Installer, visit the Easy Installer documentation.

For a hands-on introduction to any of our vRealize Suite products, try one of the Hands On Lab (HOL).

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Want to Learn More About vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?

Want to Learn More About vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager API Documentation?

VMware provides two types of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager API documentation. Both types of documentation are intended for administrators and programmers who want to configure and manage vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager programmatically using the REST API.

vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager API Reference Lists all REST API service calls.
APIs are installed with vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. The Swagger docs are available at the following URLs.
  • For the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager APIs, go to https://$vRLCM/api/swagger-ui.html
  • For the Content Management APIs, go to https://$vRLCM/lcm/cms/api/swagger-ui.html
$vRLCM denotes an instance of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
Programming Guide Provides common use cases including example requests and responses.

Looking for an Older Version of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager Documentation?

The 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 2.0 versions of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager are available as zip downloads containing PDFs under the Archived Documentation.