You deploy the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager in VMware Cloud Foundation mode by using the SDDC Manager UI.


  1. In the navigation pane, click Administration > vRealize Suite.
  2. Click Deploy.
  3. Review and verify the prerequisites.
    Click each prerequisite check box and then click Begin.
  4. On the Network Settings page, review the settings and click Next.
  5. On the Virtual Appliance Settings page, enter the settings and click Next.



    Virtual Appliance: FQDN

    The FQDN for the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance.


    The reverse (PTR) DNS record of this fully qualified domain name is used as the IP address for the virtual appliance.

    NSX-T Tier 1 Gateway: IP Address

    A free IP Address within the cross-instance virtual network segment.


    Used to create a service interface on the NSX-T Data Center Tier 1 Gateway, where VMware Cloud Foundation automatically configures the load-balancer for the vRealize Suite.

    System Administrator

    Create and confirm the password for the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager administrator account, vcfadmin@local. The password created is the credential that allows SDDC Manager to connect to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


    When vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager is deployed by SDDC Manager it is enabled for VMware Cloud Foundation mode. As a result, the administrator account for is vcfadmin@local instead of admin@local.

    SSH Root Account

    Create and confirm a password for the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager virtual appliance root account.

  6. On the Review Summary page, review the installation configuration settings and click Finish.

    SDDC Manager validates the values and starts the deployment.

    The vRealize Suite page displays the following message: Deployment in progress.

    If the deployment fails, this page displays a deployment status of Deployment failed. In this case, you can click Restart Task or Rollback.

  7. (Optional) To view details about the individual deployment tasks, in the Tasks panel at the bottom, click each task.

What to do next

For VMware Cloud Foundation 4.5.1, you must install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.8.2 Product Support Pack 6.