Complete the initial configuration of all ESXi hosts by configuring the NTP service to avoid time synchronization issues in the SDDC.

Repeat this procedure for all the hosts that you are adding to the workload domain.


  1. In a web browser, log in to the ESXi host using the VMware Host Client.
  2. Configure and start the NTP service.
    1. In the navigation pane, click Manage, and click the System tab.
    2. Click Time & date and click Edit NTP Settings.
    3. On the Edit NTP Settings page, select the Use Network Time Protocol (enable NTP client) radio button, and change the NTP service startup policy to Start and stop with host.
    4. In the NTP servers text box, enter the NTP Server FQDN or IP Address, and click Save.
    5. To start the service, click Actions, select NTP service, and click Start.
  3. Repeat this procedure for all remaining hosts.