The bundle pre-check failure can occur in a specific scenario. When SDDC Manager is upgraded to VMware Cloud Foundation 5.0.0.x from 4.5.x, and BOM components are not upgraded to VMware Cloud Foundation 5.0.0.x and Customer downloads the bundles for VMware Cloud Foundation and runs the pre-check by selecting target version as

The format of the vCenter Server bundle is modified starting from VMware Cloud Foundation 5.1. The new bundle is a unified bundle that bundles both the .iso and .zip files for the Target vCenter Server build. This unified bundle can be used for both major and minor vCenter Server upgrades. The SDDC Manager needs to be at least at the 5.1 version to understand the new format and run the prechecks. As VMware Cloud Foundation does not understand the format, the bundle pre-check will fail.

Error Message: Upgrade Bundle Validation


  • Upgrade the SDDC Manager to VMware Cloud Foundation and run the on-demand prechecks for vCenter Server in VMware Cloud Foundation