Create VLAN-backed NSX segments, also known as Application Virtual Networks (AVNs), for use with VMware Aria Suite components.

This procedure describes creating VLAN-backed NSX segments. If you want to create overlay-backed NSX segments instead, see Deploy Overlay-Backed NSX Segments.


Create an NSX Edge cluster for Application Virtual Networks, using the recommended settings, in the default management vSphere cluster. See Deploy an NSX Edge Cluster.

You must have an available VLAN ID for each NSX segment.


  1. In the navigation page, click Inventory > Workload Domains.
  2. Click on the management domain.
  3. Select Actions > Add AVNs.
  4. Select VLAN-backed network segment and click Next.
  5. Select an NSX Edge cluster.
  6. Enter information for each of the NSX segments (Region-A and X-Region):
    Option Description
    Name Enter a name for the NSX segment. For example, Mgmt-RegionA01.
    Subnet Enter a subnet for the NSX segment.
    Gateway Enter a gateway for the NSX segment.
    MTU Enter an MTU for the NSX segment.
    VLAN ID Enter the VLAN ID for the NSX segment.
  7. Click Validate Settings and then click Next.
    If validation does not succeed, verify and update the information you entered for the NSX segments and click Validate Settings again.
  8. Review the settings and click Finish.


Example Network Topology for VLAN-Backed NSX Segments
Network Topology for VLAN-Backed NSX Segments.