Shutting down VMware Cloud Foundation, for example, during hardware or power maintenance, and then starting it up must be done in a way that prevents data loss or appliance malfunction, and supports collection of troubleshooting data.

You follow a strict order and steps for shutdown and startup of the VMware Cloud Foundation management components.

Shutting Down and Starting Up VMware Cloud Foundation by Using PowerShell

Instead of the default step-by-step approach by using product user interface, you can shut down the management domain or a VI workload domain in an automated way by running a PowerShell script.

To shut down or start up the management domain or a VI workload domain, you run sample PowerShell scripts that come with the VMware.CloudFoundation.PowerManagement module in PowerShell Gallery. The scripts follow the order for manual shutdown and startup of VMware Cloud Foundation. You can complete the workflow manually at any point. You can also run the scripts multiple times.

To read the documentation, provide feedback, report an issue with automation, or contribute to the VMware.CloudFoundation.PowerManagement module, go to the VMware.CloudFoundation.PowerManagement open-source project in GitHub.