To avoid data loss and maintain the SDDC components operational, you follow a specifc order when shutting down the management virtual machines in VMware Cloud Foundation.

You shut down the customer workloads and the management components for the VI workload domains before you shut down the components for the management domain.

If the VMware NSX® Manager™ cluster and VMware NSX® Edge™ cluster are shared with other VI workload domains, shut down the NSX Manager and NSX Edge clusters as part of the shutdown of the first VI workload domain.


  • Verify that you have complete backups of all management components.

  • Verify that the management virtual machines are not running on snapshots.

  • If a vSphere Storage APIs for Data Protection (VADP) based backup solution is running on the management clusters, verify that the solution is properly shut down by following the vendor guidance.

  • To reduce the startup time before you shut down the management virtual machines, migrate the VMware vCenter Server® instance for the management domain to the first VMware ESXi™ host in the default management cluster in the management domain.