To operate your Intelligent Operations Management for VMware Cloud Foundation validated solution, VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle supports scale-up or scale-out the deployment, you can select the option which is most efficient.

Analytics Cluster Nodes

The analytics cluster consists of a primary node, a primary replica node, and data nodes.

For production deployments of VMware Aria Operations , deploy all nodes as medium, large, or extra-large deployments, depending on sizing requirements and your available resources.

Scaling Vertically by Adding Resources

If you deploy the analytics cluster nodes in a configuration other than large, you can reconfigure the vCPU and memory using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle instance. It is recommended to scale up the analytics cluster nodes before scaling out the cluster with additional nodes. VMware Aria Operations supports various node sizes.

Table 1. Analytics Nodes Deployment Sizes

Node Size



Extra small


8 GB



16 GB



32 GB



48 GB

Extra large


128 GB

Scaling Vertically by Increasing Storage

You can increase storage independently of vCPU and memory using the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle instance. To maintain a supported configuration, you must ensure that all data nodes in the cluster are of the same node size.

Scaling Horizontally by Adding Nodes

VMware Aria Operations supports up to twelve extra-large analytics nodes in a cluster. To maintain a supported configuration, you must ensure that all analytics nodes in the cluster are of the same node size.

VMware Cloud Proxies

VMware Aria Operations supports two sizes for VMware Cloud Proxy appliances, small and large. The maximum number of resources is based on the aggregate resources that are collected for all adapters on the VMware Cloud Proxy. In large-scale VMware Aria Operations monitored environment, you might experience a slow responding UI, and metrics are slow to be displayed. Determine the areas of the environment in which the latency is greater than 20 milliseconds and install a VMware Cloud Proxy in those areas. Deploy a minimum of two VMware Cloud Proxies in each VMware Cloud Foundation instance.

Table 2. Supported VMware Cloud Proxy Sizes

VMware Cloud Proxy Size

Maximum Objects

Maximum number of agents per node