To gracefully power off the VMware Aria Automation cluster nodes, use the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle user interface.

If you shut down the entire management domain, you start with the VMware Aria Automation virtual machines. For the full-stack shutdown order of VMware Cloud Foundation, see Shutting Down VMware Cloud Foundation.


  1. Log in to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle at https://<aria_suite_lifecycle_fqdn> as vcfadmin@local.
  2. On the My services page, click Lifecycle operations.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Environments.
  4. On the Environments page, in the card of the cross-instance environment, click View details.
  5. On the navigation bar, click the Automation tab, click the ellipsis icon, and select Power off.

  6. In the Power off VMware Aria Automation dialog box, click Submit.
  7. On the Requests page, ensure that the request completes successfully.