You create a virtual machine folder on the management domain vCenter Server to group the VMware Aria Automation cluster virtual machines.

UI Procedure

  1. Log in to the management domain vCenter Server at https://<management_vcenter_server_fqdn>/ui as administrator@vsphere.local.
  2. In the VMs and templates inventory, navigate to the default management data center, right-click the data center, and select New folder > New VM and template folder.

  3. In the New folder, dialog box, enter a name for the folder, and click OK.

PowerShell Procedure

  1. Start PowerShell.

  2. Replace the values in the sample code with values from your VMware Cloud Foundation Planning and Preparation Workbook and run the commands in the PowerShell console.

    $sddcManagerFqdn = ""
    $sddcManagerUser = "administrator@vsphere.local"
    $sddcManagerPass = "VMw@re1!"
    $sddcDomainName = "sfo-m01"
    $pcaFolder = "xint-m01-fd-vra"
  3. Perform the configuration by running the command in the PowerShell console.

    Add-VMFolder -server $sddcManagerFqdn -user $sddcManagerUser -pass $sddcManagerPass -domain $sddcDomainName -folderName $pcaFolder